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My journey of becoming a life coach started from an intuitive nudge I received in 2015 to join an online life coaching course. Even though I loved the experience of life coaching in general, unfortunately after completing the two month training I didn’t feel adequately prepared to build a really solid foundation from which to grow my coaching business.

This left me struggling for a few years, trying to figure out what I needed to do. I was feeling stuck in a job I wasn’t really enjoying, and I started looking for solutions. I stumbled across a podcast in which Julie Parker, founder and lead trainer of Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, was talking about her coaching academy and her views of life coaching in general. I resonated completely with her professionalism and open heart, and knew I had found what I was looking for.

This was confirmed for me when I had a Skype interview with Julie in which she provided the most insightful answers to my questions, always guiding me back to my own truth.

Around the same time I had also synchronistically connected with one of the Beautiful You Certified Life Coaches who was offering a free 3 month coaching series for signing up to the Academy through her, and it felt so supportive and inspiring to receive her guidance, especially as I was beginning my training. My experience of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy far exceeded any expectations I had, which were high to begin with, mainly because of my initial impressions and interactions.


  • CONSISTENT SUPPORT IN ALL AREAS: From the initial communications via email, to the FB Group and the live coaching calls, as well as the online portal, I felt completely supported and guided every step of the way. Not once was I left in the dark wondering what I should do.

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY LEARNING MATERIAL: The workbook and manual is thorough, well laid out, clear and concise with everything you need. There are also online lectures, live group coaching calls, interviews with experts in their fields, templates and worksheets for clients, and much more. The trainers are the best in their fields and are always willing to assist and answer whatever questions you may have.

  • PERFECT LENGTH: The training is 6 months, with additional time to complete any pro bono coaching for certification purposes. To me this felt long enough to build a really solid foundation while also being practical enough that we were able to start coaching before completing the training.

  • CONNECTIONS & EXPERIENCE: From the beginning of our training we had the option to sign up with a Coaching Buddy, with whom we could practice all that we were learning, which provided such valuable experience. Once we had learned the coaching structure we were also encouraged to start pro bono coaching, which gave us the confidence and skills to begin our work as trained life coaches out in the world.

  • CONTINUED SUPPORT: The option to become a Certified Life Coach with Beautiful You gave us the added benefit of receiving continued support from the academy through quarterly live group coaching calls, as well as being part of the FB group, an incredible network and resource for all Certified Beautiful You Life Coaches.

  • HEART-CENTERED: Everything about this course is deeply focused on the heart and building meaningful connections with other human beings. This was what touched me the most and kept me engaged and motivated to create a coaching business based on enriching the quality of people’s lives.


  • I felt confident in my coaching skills and ready to start building my coaching business

  • I felt supported by new friends I had studied with, as well as from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

  • I felt clear on my purpose and exactly why I wanted to be a life coach

  • I knew what I had to do to start building a strong foundation for my coaching business

  • I felt inspired by other coaches and motivated to become the best coach I could possibly be.


Sign up through me and you will receive my 3 month 1:1 coaching package absolutely FREE! This includes:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions over a period of 3 months - every 2 weeks - via Skype with video on. All sessions are pre-booked at the start.

  • Recordings of all sessions (if you choose)

  • Email support - access to my private email so you can share with me any updates, questions or challenges you may be experiencing, keeping you on track and inspired between sessions.

  • This package is worth $999 CAD

  • I’m a Certified BYCA Coach and this means your coaching series with me will count towards your certification should you wish to become a Certified Coach in the future.

  • When registering for the course you will need to enter my full name on the form (Lauren Hemmes),

    Please see photo below for visual instruction.

  • We can begin coaching after the refund period (usually about 1 month after your course has started).

  • I get funded by Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy for every trainee that enrols through me and it’s why I can generously offer my coaching series to you for free.

  • I am very proud to be an affiliate and I can say with confidence that this course has benefitted my life in so many different ways.


Contact me below to schedule a time to chat so that you can ask me anything you need to know about my experience with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and my journey as a life coach. I am happy to help in any way that I can so that you can decide if this is the right path for you.

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