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I had been sitting against a wooden fence in the horses’ birthing stall for a few hours already. Picasso was lying down and Magic was standing behind and above him. I was attending a week long retreat with Liz Mitten Ryan and a herd of horses at Gateway 2 Ranch near Kamloops, BC. That morning I had mentioned to one of the women on retreat that I wished one of the horses would lay its head in my lap. We had been practicing telepathy: imagining a scenario in our minds and then sending it to one of the horses. I sent an image to Picasso and waited. I connected with my breath and breathed into my heart centre, which calmed me.

Some of the other horses shifted position and opened up a space for me to sit right next to Picasso. I moved slowly and quietly kneeled down beside him. Magic was standing behind and above me. Normally I would have felt really nervous sitting beneath a standing horse, but I trusted her. Picasso became sleepier and his head got heavier as he slowly lowered it into my lap. He stayed there for a few minutes while I stroked the side of his face and down his forehead and nose. I was in horse heaven.

I’ve been working with the tool of imagination. When life doesn’t go the way we hope or expect it can cause us to seriously doubt our role as creators in our lives. There is so much else to consider, such as timing and other people or animal’s free will. No matter how much we might imagine something to happen a certain way, at some point we have to let go of the specific form it will take. What’s important is the essence of how we feel. Once we are vibrating as this specific feeling essence, then it is the law of attraction which follows that matching vibrations will show up in your experience.

Recently I decided to practice this. I was watching one of Teal Swan’s videos where she suggests to pick something that you’re not particularly attached to, such as a bowling ball, or a chicken, and spend five minutes each day for two weeks meditating on this. For the simple reason that I did not want these things showing up in my reality, I decided to pick a butterfly. For the past ten days I’ve been doing this and I am convinced it works.

Butterflies have been showing up more and more in my life. About a week ago I decided to watch a movie that I wouldn’t normally pick. In the first scene there was a blue butterfly. A couple of days ago I was rummaging through a box where I keep wrapping paper and I found a paper bag with a huge butterfly on it, which I had completely forgotten about. I’ve also come across quotes and images of butterflies on Facebook and in Youtube videos that I have ‘randomly’ come across. I went to the hardware store to get some mason jars and as I was leaving I noticed a butterfly sticker on the door. The guy in the store sent me to another shop to find smaller jars, and as I was in there I walked past a butterfly sculpture on the shelf.

What we focus on grows. It’s not always easy to focus on the positive when we’re not feeling very positive. Often there is work to do in uncovering what these feelings are telling us. What are the shadow aspects of ourselves that need to be revealed and brought into the light to be healed? Working with our shadow is a lot easier to do with the right support. Find supportive people who are able to hold space for you. This process can feel as if you are in a cocoon. It is really helpful to have someone who can see your wings and remind you of who you really are. Remember the butterfly. If you are interested in working with me I offer 1:1 coaching sessions designed to support you through this process.