We are all here birthing something. The very nature of Life is creation, whether that is new life through the myriad of species, or something less tangible born in the depths of imagination, it all comes from the same space, the one Sacred Womb that gives life to all.

The painful truth is that we all go through miscarriages. We hold something sacred in our energetic womb for a period of gestation and nurturing, and it becomes apparent that the life we thought we were creating is not going to come to full term in its present form. There is a period of release and letting go, of bleeding, and of deep grief and shattering. The womb holds all this energy, the bloody chaos, as well as the seeds for the tallest trees.

When we allow this release, along with the full range of emotions that accompany it, which could be absolute rage, sadness, hopeless despair or depression, we honour the form that was not to be, but which we held sacred. We release the energy back to Spirit and surrender control until we choose to plant the seeds again. The cycles and seasons remind us that death is not final, but merely a transition to the next stage in the cycle. We remember that Spring must follow Winter, and a time for planting will come again.

We live in a society that doesn’t always provide space or nurturing for this deep grieving. We’re expected to get on with our lives, to pretend we’re fine and get back into DOING or accomplishing. We’re encouraged to deny our intuition, our very specific inner guidance connecting us to our Source of deeper wisdom, encouraging us to FEEL. Unfortunately it is much more socially acceptable to numb out and get on with things. This may work for a period of time, but eventually our feeling body catches up with us. Unless we become conscious of the way that we’ve been programmed, and the messages we’ve received about emotion in general, it will feel like we’re constantly resisting something. And what we resist, persists.

Listening to and validating how we feel is the only way to soften this resistance. We stop fighting with what already is, and actually encourage it to come forwards as valuable information. Just imagine how different this world might be if we actually listened to this information and THEN acted, as opposed to taking action because we’re AFRAID of feeling. How differently might we behave? What deeper needs might be revealed which could then be met?

When we give space to our deepest wounds, healing takes place naturally. Once we’re able to meet ourselves in these depths, we’re much more able to meet others in their places of suffering. It is here that new seeds are planted, new desires and new hopes take root, and out of this great depth, this sacred womb, new life makes its way up to the light and the cycle of Life continues.