Earth Dream


The fragment of a dream came back to me today…

I was digging my bare hands into the earth, getting them covered in mud as I was pulling up weeds. There was someone hovering over me, a man I think, although I can’t remember who he was. He was horrified that I wasn’t wearing gloves. I smiled gleefully back at him and exclaimed that I could feel deep into the earth this way. I felt really happy. 

This remembering of how the earth feels is how we are going to heal. Feeling into something as part of ourselves is how we learn not to take it for granted. We care about it as much as we care about ourselves. The gloves to me represent a barrier or disconnect between two things that are naturally connected. 

This connection is never lost, it is only weakened. 
We are always connected to Her as she is the very reason we are alive.

No matter how advanced our technology becomes it can never replace Her.

I need to spend more time outside strengthening this connection. 
To find out what She needs from me. 

I want to wake up now.