Inner Child


Connecting with our Inner Child…

Being mindful of how we are treating ourselves and showing up with love is the antidote for self abuse. Noticing when the critical voice in our head is telling us we’re not good enough or as far along as we should be. Finding every reason to find fault because it too, loves us. Yes the critical voice loves us too. It only wants to protect us from feeling more pain except it doesn’t really know how.

Embodying the adult/wise loving self is how we start to transform the relationship we have with our inner child and the critical voice. What does she/he need in order to feel seen, heard and fully expressed. And how can we start showing up differently to meet those needs? Our Inner Child has the power to guide us to greater levels of fulfillment and empowerment. 

Perhaps there is something we have always wanted to do but for whatever reason we have defaulted to something that doesn’t really light us up. How can we start to include more of what we love into our daily lives? There might be a lot of resistance at first, and the mind may start telling us we’re crazy, who are we to be doing this, that we really should be more sensible, rational, responsible.

We can hold space for our minds too, knowing they are just wanting to keep us safe. And there is now an opportunity to move beyond this familiar voice, into unfamiliar territory. This is where new energy, new opportunity, passion and creativity live.

It may take concentrated effort to get here, but it feels so much more uplifting, expansive and energizing on the other side.