My Why


There is no freedom without love and there is no love without freedom.

And it is possible to hold space for lack of freedom, which is love, and lack of love, which creates freedom. 

We are creators, and we are born with the ability to transmute the pain of our collective wounds and suffering; to create beauty; to become more of who we really are. So that we become true healers.

I feel the work I am here to do is to play my part in this collective healing. To support those who feel called to work with me, while I continue to do my own personal work. Until we are all free of suffering there is work to do. 

I am here to devote my time to supporting others in finding and fulfilling their deeper purpose; giving sustenance to the seeds of potential they hold; helping them to release the structures that are holding them back, so that they connect more deeply to their own dreams, desires, and intuition.  

The pain behind ‘my why’ is rooted in lack of true support. The thing that causes me the most pain is witnessing people (especially women) who are not receiving the support they need in order to truly flourish as free and sovereign beings. I have felt and witnessed this pain in my own life, and I am deliberately taking steps to find the tools and practices that I believe are essential for this flourishing. 

If you choose to work with me I promise to hold space for you with deep love and care. Please know that my intention is to create an energetic container for you that results in your flourishing, if you choose this. The joy behind ‘my why’ comes from witnessing this in you. I want nothing less than your freedom, whatever that may look and feel like for you. 

My deeper why is in service of this planet. I believe that until we come into alignment with our own true purpose, we are not in alignment with Her. Now more than ever, we need to feel this connection. Our flourishing is a direct result of Her, it is not the other way around. We cannot flourish without Her. Right now the sad truth is that she may be better off without us, unless we choose to value Her above all else. 

This is a journey of many steps, and I invite you to join me. If you would like to explore 1:1 coaching with me you can connect here to apply for a free Clarity Call. I would feel honoured to support you on your journey.