I'm here to live to my highest potential and I want the same for you.

I feel the more in touch we become with who we really are, the richer and deeper our experience becomes. This journey of uncovering our true Self, and letting go of years and years of conditioning and all that we are not, frees us to enjoy our lives fully, instead of living from conditioned thoughts and behaviours.

Living in alignment with our intuition and highest vision results in freedom, purpose, and allows us to shine our light.

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We are born to connect and express ourselves as we truly are.

Aware presence creates the space for all things magical. Remembering what lights us up, makes us sing and dance, and causes us to look up to the stars in wonder, is the true medicine we need.

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This journey to our deeper selves is a miraculous one.

Just when we think we've lost everything, a space opens up for new growth. This is the space of transformation. Receiving support into our lives enables us to navigate through this with ease and grace.

My story...

As a sensitive and empathic child born into the white bubble of Apartheid South Africa, I grew up sensing the stark contrast between the beautiful and vast natural surroundings of my country, and the oppressive and restrictive political climate that undermined the freedom of the majority of the population at that time. Deep down I knew that nothing felt right about this, and the subsequent long walk to freedom paved by Nelson Mandela was my first experience of witnessing how Love in its purest form can transform the collective shadow state of the wounded human psyche. 

Just as the country was experiencing its early stages of healing, I tried fitting in to how I felt I should live my life. I struggled to fit into the traditional school system, and found myself experiencing a number of health challenges during my final year of university. Both my parents had cancer at the time, and I ended up in a spiral of despair trying to make sense of it all. I started reading everything I could find about healing, spirituality and personal development, and slowly the pieces started coming together. 

I took my first Reiki course and began doing treatments on myself and others. I was about to start a Masters degree in English Literature at the University of Cape Town and felt myself being powerfully guided on a radically different path. I met a Spiritual Guidance Councillor who “downloaded” information about my life that she couldn’t possibly have known about previously, which opened up for me a whole new reality that I had suspected but now knew was real.


I knew that I couldn't continue on an intellectual path,

and that I needed to follow my intuition and experience more of life.

So I left Cape Town and went to live in London and the UK for about a year. I found myself loving the freedom of travel and yet also felt bound by my material needs and the oppressive nature of big city living. There were a few occasions when I experienced panic attacks while travelling on the Tube (underground train), and I questioned the sanity of the daily commute and that way of living. It didn't really feel like living to me. 


I found sanctuary in little aromatherapy shops around the city,

as well as time spent in Bath and Glastonbury. When I returned to Cape Town in 2003 I decided to follow my heart and study Therapeutic Aromatherapy for two years.

Just before my studies began, my father passed away from Leukemia. Because of the shock of this experience, I buried myself in work. About five years later I still hadn’t fully processed this grief, which was compounded by a series of failed relationships. My heart felt broken. I realized I had to find a way of healing myself and taking responsibility for every aspect of my life. I needed to make some radical changes. So towards the end of 2010 I left Cape Town and everything familiar, and moved to Vancouver to start my life over. 


After some time in the city, I realized I wanted to live somewhere quieter and more serene,

so I moved to the Sunshine Coast, a short bus and ferry ride from Vancouver. This felt like a resting place for me, a place where my heart could heal.

I studied Transformational Coaching, as well as taking courses in Feminine Power with Claire Zammitt and Divine Feminine teachings with Heather Allison. I discovered how off-balance my life had been, with the focus on doing and achieving, which meant I had very little access to the power of my Divine Feminine nature. I was a feminine Being trying to operate in this world from the masculine, thinking somehow it was superior, and that I wasn’t enough.


This type of conditioning is so prevalent in this world today,

with the focus on outward success, and yet thankfully this is also a time of Divine awakening which invites healing to both the wounded Feminine and Masculine. I feel I am here to bring healing to these parts of myself, and to inspire and support others to do the same.

Looking at my journey, I am now so grateful for all of it. Even though it feels really challenging at times, I can see there is always an opportunity to grow and step into greater alignment with my true essence. I have found that asking for help, and choosing to receive support into my life, is the thing that has made all the difference. 


I also opened myself to Love again,

which has been the best, most healing and transformative experience so far. I feel so grateful to share my journey with the love of my life, his amazing daughter, and our dog Solstice. Experiencing relationship as sacred practice is the most magical and powerful experience, one which I feel deeply grateful to share with my Beloved.

I recently graduated from my second Life Coaching course, this time with the amazing Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, under the guidance of Julie Parker and her incredible team of master coaches. I felt this gave me access to the missing pieces, for which I am so grateful. Life Coaching is such an empowering tool because you realize that you are a creator and that you have the power to make inspiring changes which impact your life and many other's in profound ways.


It is never too late to change course,

and to start living in alignment with your heart and deepest truth.

If you feel called to work with me, please connect with me here, or email me at lauren@laurenhemmes.com. I would love to hear from you. You can read more about my Coaching Services here.

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