There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin

And yet...

You're secretly hoping that someone is going to give you permission for this. To live your most inspired and actualized life. 

You've been feeling stuck. You wish you had the courage to make some leaps.

You're a deeply intuitive person and yet you need some help with trusting yourself.

To stop believing in the seemingly endless stories swirling around in your head. Telling you you're not good enough. That you have to live life by other people's rules. That things never really work out for you. Sound familiar?

Deep down you know…

You have an inspiring vision or direction that is pulling you forwards that you can no longer ignore.

You’re ready to expand in ways that may feel challenging but in your heart feel right.

You’re willing to do the work (ie. take action) in a way that is balanced with your more feminine nature.

You’re seeking freedom from your old ways of doing things, ready to live more in alignment with your true essence.

You’re done with pushing yourself beyond that which feels good; you want to receive the nourishing support you need in order to truly flourish.

You’re ready to expand into more of who you really are; to rise up into your full potential.

That's where I can help.


I'm a mix of intuitive, sensitive, passionate and nurturing.

I take a gentle approach while also keeping you deeply accountable to your heart and deepest desires.

I won't let you give up on yourself. 

I'm here to show you that it is possible to live your life, and thrive. The version of life that makes you most come alive. 

I help you to uncover the internal and external structures that are keeping you stuck. Together we work at dismantling these, clearing the way, and finding out where you really want to go. We re-write your story according to what most lights you up. 


The result?

Experience the synchronicity and magic that come from living your most inspired life.

Feel empowered by your truth and able to share more openly.

Feel confident in your choices knowing they are right for you.

Feel more ease and flow as you live from your true essence.

IMG_1369 (3).jpg

Become immune to expectations that do not serve you.

Become the lit up star you were meant to be.

Live your true purpose and become the most fulfilled version of yourself.

Experience more trust in yourself and Life.

Curious to know more?

  • Apply for a complimentary online 30 minute Clarity Call to discover if this opportunity feels right for you. No obligation, this is just a time for us to explore if we're a good fit moving forwards together.

  • Send an email to or click the button below and I will send you a link to my pre-coaching questionnaire, which helps me to get to know you more and what you most want out of the coaching experience.

  • Once I have received your questionnaire I will get back to you within 24-48hrs and if it feels good we can arrange a time for us to chat on Skype.

1:1 Coaching Series includes:

6 x 1 hour sessions over a period of 3 months - every 2 weeks - via Skype with video on. All sessions are pre-booked at the start of your series. 

Email support - access to my private email so you can share with me any updates, questions or challenges you may be experiencing, keeping you on track and inspired between sessions.  

The timeframe to work with me as your coach is based on a minimum commitment of 3 months (6 sessions). If you are interested in working with me longer we can chat more about that in the Clarity Call. 

Client Love

LOD Sq Showboat 15.jpg

“Working with Lauren was a gift! She has such a gentle way about her, that I felt totally supported and encouraged to go to places emotionally that I didn't even know were hurting. The work she encouraged me to do between sessions was revealing and emotional, however the whole process felt very safe. She knew what tools to provide me with as each layer was uncovered. I always felt she was there for me if I needed additional support. An amazing experience and exactly what I needed. Very grateful.”

The Land of Deborah


“I would highly recommend Lauren as a Life Coach. Lauren is calm and focused and you can always tell she is genuinely listening to you and truly cares. Lauren’s support has guided me so much closer to my ultimate career goal, helped me release tension and fears, which allowed me to feel better within my body, and has been a great example to me of what a Life Coach is, and how to hold space for others. Lauren offers great value and high integrity.”

Tina Ness


"It was truly wonderful being a client of Lauren’s. The experience as a whole was deeply supportive and enriching as she has incredible depth and an acute understanding of subtleties. I always walked away from our sessions feeling empowered and ready for my next actionable tasks. Lauren artfully assisted me in upshifting my language to match my aims, while tackling any underlying fears. What a difference that made to my perspective and approach and to trusting my own intuition. Lauren’s gentle, clear way of following the soul’s guidance is contagious. I highly recommend her as a guide, coach and ally."

L.Harris, Portland, OR

photo 2 (1).JPG

“I deeply appreciate Lauren taking such care with this process and felt her support profoundly. I felt she wanted the best for me on the deeper levels and this guided me to go straight to what mattered most to me, rather than spending time on perhaps more surface goals. With noticing my inner world as more of a priority, in fact strengthened me to complete and follow through more on what was arising as the bigger goals in life. Her gentle intuition can seem soft and I feel this is not to be underestimated as Powerful indeed! It guides to the good stuff! I want to add again how the clarity of how she conducted the whole process allowed me to trust and go deep. The combination of structure and fluidity is truly a strength Lauren offers and models. Finding I can now use this more with my own life.”

Sarah Elizabeth Marshall, Gibsons, BC

A note about Coaching

Coaching is not a quick-fix. It can take time to uncover unconscious patterns that are keeping us stuck, as well as to make the necessary outward changes in our lives. That said, you may be surprised at how quickly your experience can shift once you make a commitment to your own growth.

  • This process of 1:1 coaching gently and powerfully guides you into your unique way of being, allowing you access to a deeper wellspring of energy and information, nourishing and enriching you from the inside out, and igniting radical transformation. 

  • Together we seek and unravel your personal truth, listening deeply to the whispers of your heart, and discovering your unique roadmap as it unfolds.

  • Using the power of intention, we become crystal clear on where you want to focus your energy, while being mindful that this journey is co-creating with Life and therefore is in a process of unfolding according to Divine timing. 

  • I am here to support you in this alchemical journey, to listen deeply and to hold loving space for you as you gently and powerfully realize your dreams.

What is the investment?

ONLINE Coaching with me is $333 CAD per month

Payment is due monthly in advance (3 payments of $333 CAD) 

OR Receive a 10% discount by paying in full prior to session one

($900 for 3 months) 

Payment can be made by Canadian bank deposit or paypal

Ready to dive in?